tomorrow, tomorrow, i love you, tomorrow

so.  we're here!  taiyuan (tie-u-an), china - the capital city of sarahjoy's province. 
we flew in this morning (note: NO extra baggage fee!) and have spent the day hanging around and preparing for our little girl.  the hotel rooms is, well, a bit miniature.  so we have had to be creative in how to get all of our stuff in here and also be able to walk.  however, it does have a huge mirror that takes up the entire wall of the shower - not quite sure what that is for but it might make for some fun bath time with itsy bitsy. 
taiyuan is a smaller city than beijing, a mere 15 million people.  we will receive sarahjoy tomorrow afternoon and officially 'register' the adoption.  then we will take her to datong (dah-tohng), her hometown, on tuesday to get her passport.  makes sense, except that datong is a 4 hour ride from here.  so she will come to us tomorrow via a 4 hour ride, and then we will turn around on tuesday and take her back (4 hours) and then return (4 hours) the same day.  our guide said the business we need to take care of in datong will take about 10 minutes.  seems seriously inefficient to me and downright tortuous for sj but oh well, we got to do what they tell us!  let's hope itsy bitsy likes sitting on laps and looking at books.
eric and i are both feeling a lot different this time around.  i can't really put my finger on it - maybe it is simply that ignorance is bliss and so there was not nearly the aprehension with lydia as there is with sj.  we know a lot more of what the possible difficulties are, and beings that lydia was the absolute most perfect and easy adoption, i suppose we are anticipating that at least a few of those difficulties will come our way this go round.
we are also all alone in taiyuan.  there are no other families with us - just me and the lover staring into each other's eyes all.day.long.  i am afraid come wednesday we will have run out of things to talk about!  it is freezing outside so we are sort of sequestered in the (miniature) hotel room.   we feel a bit isolated.  lonely.  disconnected from the outside world (NOTE:  we love comments on the blog!!!!!)  unlike last time when we were with 2 other families adopting from the same city as us, this time we are it.  no one to talk to, no one to share experiences with, no one to video or take pictures while we are getting sj, no other little girls to play with (or note how much cuter our little girl is than them...)  i feel a bit like a caged zoo animal with throngs of visitors staring at me.  so far they aren't throwing me anything good to eat (HELP!!!  get me out of here!  i need a diet coke with ice and fajitas from chili's!!!!!!) 
however........................WE ARE GETTING SARAHJOY TOMORROW!!!!!!!!!!   we are so excited.  a new daughter, tomorrow!!!!!!!   a new little sister, tomorrow!!!!!!!  we have been talking, praying, waiting for her for two years and tomorrow it will all culminate in being handed the little miracle we have been given by God.  it is a bit surreal but as i sit in our (miniature) hotel room and the (miniature) metal crib is right next to our bed it is becoming more and more real.  we have her toys set aside, her snacks put away.  her blanket folded in the crib and her dollies ready to receive some love.  tomorrow, exactly 24 hours from now, she will be in our arms.  wow. 
i know i have said it before, but we are so thankful for all of you.  so many of you have contributed financially to this journey and for that we are eternally grateful.  we absolutely could not have done this without your help.  tomorrow, your investment will be realized.  i hope that in some sense you can feel the excitement.  and many, many of you have prayed for this moment.  your prayers are what have brought this miracle to fruition.  thank you, thank you, thank you.  i cannot wait to let you see our miracle in our arms.
(and please note the serious lack of people in the pictures as well as the flag blowing straight out...did i mention it is FREEZING!!!!!!!  even 20 million people in beijing know better than to be outside.)


thewaterbug said...

im sooo excited for you and eric! i wish i would be in virginia beach when the three of you come home! i am praying for everything and cant wait for you to have her in your arms!

Kristen and Jonathan said...

Aww, we love you guys and are so thrilled that God has brought you this far and you are able to hold your precious little girl. You all will continue to be in our prayers as you adjust as a family of 7!! Can't wait to see pictures of you finally holding SarahJoy. Woohoo!!

Cara said...

Oh my goodness! That is where Silas is from! I did not know she was from Datong! We actually picked Silas up at the orphanage there. Can't wait to see pictures!

sanzone family said...

we wove you! THank's for not bying the spoon as a souvnear for us.

Loooooooove you


it has been great the at house.it is freeeeeezeing here. I cant wait till you come home. I am making a paper mache' dophin.I cant wait till I see sarahjoy.I hope u are getting me some cool suvaners. LOVE ANNACLAIRE.

I LOVE YOU TODAY! I made a paper mache'duck today. I put strips of paper on it with starch. I hope baby Sarah Joy will have a good time with you. I'm having fun with grandma . Last night we had an ice cream sundaes and watched a movie.
Love, Lydia

I already love Sarah Joy. I miss you. I have my shirt on backwards. Grandmas says I'm a silly dilly. I'm having a fun day. Last night I had a chocolate chip waffle sundae.
Today I made a paper mache' dragon. It was really messy, but fun!
I miss you!
I miss you!

The children are doing great! No major melt downs.(not even me) Good eaters and sleepers. We are having fun. tomorrow the real routine begins. Grammy and I are sharing the task of transportation.
I love that we can be updated by you. We are all praying for a smooth transition tomorrow. Get plenty of rest while you can.
Love mom

Anonymous said...

I'm a mom that found your blog thru Rachel's blog. I don't know any of you but I am SOOOOOO excited to see pictures of your new daughter. I admire your courage in adopting another child. I'm not sure I'll ever have the guts but I promise to be super excited for you and pray for your family.

Jill said...

Wow, I didn't realize where you were traveling either - our son is from Taiyuan and we'll be traveling there to do his paperwork when we go, so will be interested to see about your time in the city there. We'll be praying for sarahjoy's adjustment - and a heat wave for y'all. :)

Jeff said...

Wow, I can't imagine what it would be like to be doing that all over again! I remember the anticipation leading up to the moment I met Lily. Can't wait to see pictures tomorrow.

(And, by the way... I thought I had the cutest daughter of the three!)

5Bees said...

We're with you guys! Thinking of you right now as you're probably preparing to go to the meeting place to pick her up! It's cold here too, but not quite as cold....You are not alone!
Karen and John

Anonymous said...

Ashleigh, so glad to read of your safe arrival. Amazing that you can update us so quickly from the other side of the world. I have been praying for your first contact with Sarahjoy. I pray she will sense your love and care.Love you,

Julie said...

When I looked at the picture of you in front of the tree, it almost looked like Eric was wearing a(an?) ushanka. I had to look twice because I could not imagine you being photographed with someone wearing one-let alone posting it on a blog. But at the same time, I could see Eric wanting to rock a ushanka. Oh, the doubled-edged sword of not so smart fashion choices. Praying for you.


djacques said...

Praying praying praying....that is what my job is. So excited for SJ day. Know it will be just right. So we'll expect Eric to have lots of cold stories to tell in his sermons for months to come. It was so col......
Love to you,