adios and goodbye

we are headed to hong kong in just about an hour.  our (many) bags are packed and all of us are clean and looking great.  i mention that only because by the time we see you we may be looking rather gnarly and stinking so know that we started our journey on the up and up.  

sarahjoy is not as sick as she was but is definitely not feeling good.  she has a nasty cough and is terribly congested in her chest.  she started wheezing this morning which makes me nervous but there is absolutely nothing i can do about it except pray that God protects her until we can get to a doctor on monday.  

our journey is coming to an end.  at least the far east part of the journey.  i would be remiss if i didn't thank so many you again for what you did to get us here.  our little girl is in our arms because so many of you prayed and gave.  i wish that i could bring you all to china and see the rescue efforts you have been involved in.  i promise you would be overwhelmed.  these little orphaned boys and girls simply have no hope.  as eric and i have been here, we are very much in agreement that our family is complete (i said it, mom!) but our hearts are burdened for the chinese orphan and we are thinking and praying about what role God has for us to play.  

please pray for us if you think about it.  it would be great to start our 24 marathon flight with a good night sleep tonight - sarahjoy has been fairly fitful the past couple of nights.  and this very sweet person has a difficult time being so sweet when she is without sleep!   and please pray that her breathing does not get worse.   other than that, fiery plane crashes are on the prayer list (the lack thereof, that is) and a happy, happy reunion with our families!

and one more most important thing.  my sweet cousin rachel, who lost her little girl makiah in october, and for whom sarahjoy is named after, is pregnant with twins.  i believe she is around 31ish weeks along but has been hospitilazed today with preterm labor.  would you all please pray with us that the babies stay put for a little while longer?  we are praying and believing God for one more month of time in the womb.  the babies names are alena and abigail, and rachel and cameron are the mom and dad.  pray, pray, pray for this family.

i'm not sure what tonight holds so you may or may not hear from me.  if not, i'll see you on the other side of the water!