best price, best price

oh my gosh.  i wish that my father were here because he would be so proud of his son-in-law.  we walked around this little island place that is full of souvenir shops for 5 HOURS and not once did eric let us buy anything.  he bartered and bargained and negotiated until we had to leave (and sj and i had had it).  i was so exhausted by the time we got home.  the man is relentless.  on second thought, i am glad my dad isn't here.  or i might have had to go hide in a corner.  eric tells me when we go back tomorrow we can actually get a few things.  i am holding out hope!  i don't think i can handle another 5 hours of endless negotiations.  i mean really, at some point a woman has to shop!  i mean, actually BUY something!

we hung out with austin and bethany again today.  so fun.  we are having a great time seeing them and i think they are enjoying being able to speak english and have time with some actual friends!  i truly cannot imagine living in a little town in the middle of nowhere china.  we told them last night as we were discussing their apprehension of starting a family that if their marriage can survive rural china, it can survive kids!  we attempted a movie night in the hotel room tonight with them (complete with oreos and pizza flavored potato sticks for snacks) but the tv/computer hookup wasn't working and then sj wasn't cooperating so we just had a good time visiting instead.  

sj was a bit feverish this afternoon.  not sure what is going on - the other family we are with seems to have some sort of contagious virus so maybe it is that.  i am hopeful it isn't an ear infection as flying with one of those could be disastrous.  if she continues to run a fever i might ask our guide if we can see a doctor before we go home.  but after hearing that a 4 year undergraduate degree allows you to be a doctor in china...i'm not so sure i want to go that route.  she has been super congested since we got her - her sinuses are clearing up but she still has a pretty nasty cough.  hopefully she will get a good night's sleep tonight and will perk up tomorrow although i can't say i was sad that all she wanted to do this afternoon was cuddle on my chest...

other than that, things are pretty quiet.  enjoying what we believe will be our final days in china.  (although i do have to report, under laws of full disclosure, that ERIC said the other day, 'you know, i think we could do this again'...to which i replied 'uh, no.')

can't wait to see everyone.  we keep checking the weather in hopes of avoiding a snowy delay in newark.  the thought of walking down the corridor at norfolk and having all my babies together makes me GIDDY!!!!!!


kathy sanzone said...

Hi, kids,
It sounds like you are having a very special and memorable time. SJ sounds like a delight. I hope she is in perfect health before you travel.
We are doing great. The kids are wonderful. I have had it very easy and enjoy having this time with them alone. Josiah has been such a big help. I can't get over how mature he is and very respectful.
Lydia is getting geared up for her party. She and Micah are so amazing together. I hope their bond is never broken. Anna Claire continues to amaze me with her many artistic talents. All in all a super time! We'll make sure everything is ship-shape for your arrival. If you have any special requests, just let me know. I love you a lot and I am so proud of you and the amazing parents and partners you are. May God continue to bless you and keep you safe.
Love, Mom

Tori McCoy said...

i am so jealous you get to hang out with austin and bethany! i hope sarahjoy feels better very soon. i cant wait to meet her. have a wonderful rest of the time in china.

Anonymous said...

loving your updates and pictures--you guys look so happy :). praying for SJ and for her to be healthy and you guys too for the traveling ahead.

Emma wanted to say:
Sarahjoy is SO cute!!! Im looking forward to meeting her!!! Cant wait to see more updates!!!! Tell her i said hi!!!!

djacques said...

Eric relent.....let the woman shop......it's the principal I know, but gosh guy they have to make a living too! Sort of WWJD....feed the hungry, clothe the poor.......let her shop. Praying for good health for you all and that SJ gets over whatever it is that ails her. Love to you all. Maureen

Gillion said...

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