sick babe

it's been a long time since i have had such a sick little baby.  thankfully, we didn't have much on the docket today.  sarahjoy definitely took a turn for the worse - the entire day she just laid in my arms and was burning up, even with ibuprofen.  this afternoon we decided we should take her to the doctor.  so on our way to the consulate to take our oath as parents, our guide said that we could go see a 'western' doctor afterwards.  however, turns out the family we are with had amoxicillan that they brought!  i had just been thinking earlier in the day, 'i wish i just had some amoxicillan.'  so that was a huge blessing from the Lord.  we thought about taking her to the doctor anyway, but when they said it would cost at least $100, we opted for just taking the antibiotic.  i am almost positive that she has some sort of sinus/ear/respiratory infection so amoxicillan should do the trick.  i had never heard of bringing the powdered form of the antibiotic but i am so glad they did! (and would highly recommend that to any adoptive families who are reading this.)  we were able to give it to her this evening and even within a couple of hours she was perkier.  i literally held her from about 10:00 until 7:00 tonight with a bit of a respite this afternoon when she slept fitfully on our bed.  but other than, she has been in our arms the whole day.  which in some ways is really good.  we are definitely bonding and she is learning that we will take care of her.  but i was more than ready to lay her down tonight.  of course, she didn't think that sleeping in her own bed was a good idea!  after a few attempts we opted to just let her cry a bit to see what would happen as at this point it was obvious she just wanted to be held to sleep.  so she cried for a couple of minutes but when she went from general crying to saying, 'MAMA!  MAMA!' i had to go pick her up.  sweet little babe.  thankfully, i held her for a couple of minutes and laid her back down and she is asleep in her bed.  

so we hung out in the room today.  we had to say goodbye to austin and bethany this morning.  that was sad for all of us.  we thoroughly enjoyed our time with our friends - there is something about friendships that have passed the test of time and distance.  and having them here certainly has made our trip even more special.  

we did have to make a trip to the consulate today.  which is just one more hoop we have to jump through.  we were there with all the other adoptive families that are here in china - about 30 - and we all have to take an oath that what we have reported in our paperwork is true and correct and that we will raise our children properly.  after that, sj was feeling miserable so we headed back to get the amoxicillan and then went to mcdonalds for dinner.  the mcdonalds is right next to our hotel and i had not been there yet.  after my first bit of fries i told eric that i want to eat the rest of our meals at mcd's!!!  to me, the hamburger didn't taste so hot, although eric seemed to think it tasted the same.  but the fries were amazing (and i don't normally like mcdonald's fries) and we got an oreo mcflurry for sj.  and that was yummy!!!  she downed almost the whole thing but i managed to get a few bites in.  definitely going back for another one of those tomorrow.  so dinner was fries and a mcflurry.  nice.   i know that it has been too long in china when i am excited about dinner consisting of mcdonalds food.  

i am really ready to come home.  hoping my baby feels better tomorrow and then we are on our way on thursday.  can't wait!  

the picture is our 'chinese picnic' that we had yesterday.  she loves her noodles!  

(and sj is crying now.....could be a long night............)


Jen said...

So sorry your sweet girl is sick! Hopefully the antibiotics will kick in and she'll get some relief soon.

Faith said...

Ashleigh - I just caught up on your blog, and am so happy that you guys have SarahJoy now, and that she's taken to you like PB to jelly! It seems like everything is going smoothly - praise the Lord! Hope she feels better soon, and may the Lord give you all strength for the journey still ahead. Take care, and tell her she is "hao piao liang!" (so pretty!)

Kirsten said...

oh, so sorry she's sick! PTL for antibiotics and well-prepared travelers! hope she's feeling more like herself soon. glad you're getting some snuggles (but i'll be praying you get some sleep as well...)!

Anonymous said...

praying for you guys--hang in there. not too much longer :).

Dana Woods said...

Of course I loved reading the part where she said "Mama, Mama" and you went to pick her up...it made me cry. I've been so emotional about your adoption of SJ :-)