a letter

to my sweet sarahjoy,
in just a few hours, you will be in our arms.  we have prayed for you for so long, it is hard to believe that our prayers will be realized today.  you will be our little girl.  you will have brothers and sisters, and a mommy and daddy.  you will have a family and you will discover love.

it's our wedding day.  we have prepared for you and you have prepared for us.  we will come together and become one.  and we will promise to love you no matter what.  you will be ours and we will be yours, when life brings hardship and pain and when it is filled with joy and laughter.  God is our witness and today, we will be bound together as one family.  though we come from opposite ends of this world, after today, nothing will separate us.  we are together.  you are our princess.  you are no longer alone in this world.  

i know that there may come a day when you wonder about your journey, when you question its rightness.  and when that day comes i will remind you of the miracle it took to get you here.  i will remind you of God's faithfulness to provide what we needed.  i will remind you of God's mercies to bring us together and his perfect plan for us to be your family. we will discover again, that God created us to be together.

i will also remind you of your sweet cousin makiah.  and why your name is like hers.  i will tell you stories that will make us all laugh and stories of how God works in the hearts of little girls.  i will tell you the story of how she lives with Jesus now but will always be a special part of who you are. i will tell you the story of how her mommy and daddy, in the middle of their pain and sorrow, gave us the rest of what we needed to bring you home.  that pain and sorrow will come but in the midst, God's grace and love shines brighter.   

you are almost ours.  in just a few hours the journey will have come to an end.  and yet it is just the beginning.  of new life, of new love, of new hope.  

we love you.  and we can't wait to hold you in our arms.



em and pete said...

Beautiful, Ashleigh! Can't wait to see pics of SJ! We are praying for you both.

jsldove said...

been thinking of you all evening and praying for you both and sj

Anonymous said...

praying for and celebrating with you! - duncan