it's been awhile. i figured people had long since dropped off of the lydia blog bandwagon but in the past few weeks i keep having people ask me when i am going to update! its not that i haven't thought about it. in fact, i find myself inundated with blogging ideas and thinking in bloggerese - which is sort of obnoxious - i just haven't had the energy. i get to the end of the day and i am whipped. but...i want to write and record these times so thanks to all those who keep bugging me about it! : )

life is going very, very smoothly for the little lydster. she is every bit a selfish two year old who loves to pick a fight with her pseudo-twin brother. but adjusting to live in the USA. in fact, our social worker was here about a month ago and said, "i don't think i have ever observed a child so well-adjusted." official words to what we have felt. we are chalking it up to the huge, big miracle it took to get her here. can you believe 6 months ago we were 5 years from a referral? crazy. miraculous.

it did occur to me recently that i have never even posted pictures of lydia since we have been home. that is bad. really bad. plus, she is so dang cute! so i will post a few to try and catch you up.

here's to more blogging in the near future!