another day

our days are getting more and more boring!  not so much to write about tonight.  we went out to get some diapers today at the big supermarket and then headed to the pearl market.  i suppose because we have been here before the pearl market was not as overwhelming as it was before.  nevertheless, it is amazing the millions and millions of jewels that are housed in one place.  

sarahjoy is still not feeling great and was up a lot last night so mommy is not feeling so hot either today.  we hung out in the room this afternoon and got a nap and then i put her to bed a bit earlier than normal.  eric went out with austin and bethany and picked up some of the things we wanted to buy.  i made him promise that he would actually buy them and not just keep bargaining!  after checking in and dropping off the stuff, those 3 are out tonight to try and find the pizza place that we were looking for the other night.  i am sure there will be an adventure.  hopefully bethany will keep the 2 boys out of trouble.  they tend to both act alarmingly like 16 year olds when they are together so i am counting on bethany's refining skills to keep the embarassment of the United States to a minimum.   

i feel completely uninspired for blog writing.  there really isn't much going on.  today marks a week that we have had sarahjoy.  it is hard to remember life without her.  i don't know if it is her not feeling well or just time passing and her grieving but she is definitely a bit more fussy.  nothing major, but noticeable.  eric noted that the ultimate test in whether a child is your own is if you can change a poopy diaper without gagging.  and i would have to say that both of us, despite our incredible lack of desire for the diaper thing again, have loved babying sj and changing her little diapers.  so i guess she's really ours.  : ) 

i reached the wall today - i'm ready to come home.  we have thoroughly enjoyed our stay here and are still having a great time, especially with austin and bethany, but i definitely turned the corner and am ready to pack my bags.  probably the biggest factor is the food.  i am so tired of eating chinese and chinese-american.  i just want to be able to eat normal (for me) food.  and i think the lack of food is wearing on my body.  i have been really tired today and not feeling great.  i know not having a normal amount of food is taking its toll.  

the good news is that we ARE almost ready to pack our bags!  tuesday, wednesday, and then we start our journey home.  we will take a bus to hong kong on thursday, spend the night there, and then fly out to newark on friday.  so really, just a couple more days to wrap up a few loose ends on the shopping front and the adoption business front.  

oh!  a CRAZY thing happened yesterday.  we were in a shop and all of a sudden i hear, "are you from virginia beach?  do you go to grace?"  turns out, there is a woman from our church who is here adopting also!  how crazy is that?  i can't say that i have ever seen her before but her name sounded familiar.  she is an older single woman who is adopting her first child - talk about an adventure!!!!  so her sarah and our sarahjoy will be in the nursery together!  small world.

well, sj is asleep, eric is out on an adventure and i think i will try to get some food from the old room service.  sooooooooooo ready for my own kitchen!

sorry for the lack of pictures.  i promise i'll get some up tomorrow.


Cristina said...

Hi Ashleigh,
It is Monday morning here and my kiddos just left for school. Doing my morning Sarahjoy update. :-) I am praying for you today, for strength and peace.

Kris said...

Praying for health, rest and peace on the final days of your journey. I completely understand the need for "real" food. The "American" food in GZ is horrible...THAT I remember!

Anonymous said...

You might just have the prettiest baby ever!!!! Oh... she is precious! Praying for safe travels. Hunter Johnston