out of the mouths of babes

Sarahjoy, what is your favorite toy?

Well, I love the toy that has a light that goes on and off.  It folds up like a phone so I use it to talk to people too.  I love to open and close it and watch the light.  Daddy says that it is really for him to read his book when I go to bed but I think that is silly.  It is much more fun for me to play with.


What do you think about your new daddy?

Well, he is very funny looking.  He has a humongous nose and eyes and no hair on his head.   but he has hair on his arms which I think is silly.   But he seems really nice.  Today he told me something that sounded like 'I love you' but he doesn't sound the same as my old daddy.  But I think he does love me.   i always yell for him when he disappears. 


How about your new mommy?

She is funny looking too.  Especially because she has this really shiny thing in her nose.  I keep touching it and looking for one on the other side of her nose.  I don't know why there is only one!  She holds me a lot and I really like when she puts me in this piece of fabric and carries me around.  Well, as long as I can see daddy I like it.  When I can't see daddy then I want to get down and go find him.  And sometimes, I just want daddy to hold me.  but most of the time, I'm okay with mommy.  Of course, the first morning I still wasn't so sure about that guy with no hair so I REALLY wanted mommy.  There was no way that funny looking man was taking me to breakfast without mommy along.   Thankfully, I just screamed really loud and they figured it out. 


What has been your favorite thing to do?

Hmmm, I like to do a lot of things and daddy is really good at playing with me.  mommy is too but daddy is a little crazy which I like.  He throws me in the air.  And he tickles me a lot.  He is sort of hyper.  I think mommy must get worn out trying to keep up with him.  He puts this machine up to his eye a lot and walks around talking.  I don't know what he is doing.  But sometimes I can see myself on the machine which is super fun, because I am super cute.  And I love to look at myself.


How are mommy and daddy doing so far?

They seem a little tired.  Maybe I am wearing them out.   but I am so cute, I don't know why I would make them tired.  I am being so good and sleeping every night so I think they should wake up ready to play with me!   I did hear them talking after our adventure last night.  Mommy said she was really worn out and something about all the people make her tired.  She even said that she wanted just to be by herself which I think is ridiculous.  Why would anyone ever want to be by themselves.    daddy says that the people make him excited.   He wants to go on more adventures.   I guess mommy decided to obey daddy because we went on more adventures today. 


Where did you go today?

First we went to a temple.  It was built by an emperor a really long time ago so he could worship his mother.  I don't know if I can build a temple but I do really like my mommy.     Mommy and daddy keep telling me that there are a lot of children who live in the house in America.  Sounds like an orphanage to me but they tell me it is just my new family.  I have never heard of having so many people in one family.  Anyway, maybe I can get those kids to help me build a temple.  I hear they are really good at building things with legos.  I don't know what that is but we might could make a temple.  Anyway, we were at this temple and daddy decided to walk up some stairs.  Mommy didn't want to go and since I was in that fabric thing I had to stick with her.  Daddy was gone for so long.  I kept crying for him and then I made a fist and told mommy that I was going hit daddy when he gets back.   Well, i tried to tell mommy that but she can't understand me for some reason so I had to tell miss tracy and then she told mommy (seems very inefficient to me.)  I think mommy agreed with me. 


After we walked around the temple mommy and daddy took me to a really crowded and busy place.  It had big letters with a smiley face beside them.  They told me it was something about a wall and a mart.  Anyway, I got a ball while I was there so I was happy.


Is there anything else you want to tell us sarahjoy?

First, I am very cute.  They tell me I need to eat more but I eat everything so I don't know what they are talking about.  Plus, those Americans need to stop eating I think.  They are way too big.  And I have been on my best behavior for 4 days.  but pretty soon I am going to have to see if mommy and daddy will always love me so I am going to have to throw some fits in every once in a while.  And this going to bed without crying thing.  That's for the birds.  Who doesn't want to be snuggled before bedtime?  I have started to cry so they pick me up.  Works like a charm.  Eventually I go to sleep but I have to get my snuggles in first.


Any messages for your family at home?

Yes.  I want all those children to know that mommy and daddy are mine and I am not sharing.  I will play with them, maybe, after I check them out.  mommy and daddy tell me they are nice.  I do really like that Chinese little girl in the book.  She seems like she might be a good big sister.  But those other funny looking children, I'm not so sure about.  As long as they know I am not sharing mommy and daddy then things will be okay.   And as long as they know I am cute.  Things should be good.  Anyway, we got a week before I have to see them.   So I'm not going to worry about it.   Right now, I'm hanging with mommy and daddy.



Michael & Beverly said...

SarahJoy, It sounds like you are learning a lot about mommy and daddy ! ! ! AND they are learning a lot about YOU. You will come to find out that all the good things you think you know about them is only a real small part of their goodness. You are blessed to have such wonderful parents, and you're going to love those kids in America too. They are going to become your best friends ! ! ! I am glad you are loving your new parents. I can't wait to meet you ! ! !
Oh yeah, you are right. You are very CUTE ! ! !

Anonymous said...

You are cute and we have known that for a while, but you have to come home for further verification! Oh, and you have to share your mommy and daddy with us because so many people love them (well at least share your mommy)!!