There is a contemporary cultural phenomenon in china these days.  It is called the ‘little emperor syndrome’ and comes as a result of millions of little boys being the only child in their families and oftentimes the only grandchild.  Spoiled, bratty, lazy little boys…emperors in the making.  I am pretty sure that we have the little emperess.  Spoiled, bratty, lazy little girl…an emperess in the making. This kid is amazing!  This morning she dropped her doll dress on the ground and she refused to pick it up!  She sat there reaching down, never bending her knees, screeching and looking at me to retrieve her fallen wares.  Someone even asked if she had something wrong with her legs because she wouldn’t bend them! NO! she is just a spoiled little brat.  Seriously, she is not that far above the ground – about 2 ½ feet to be exact – you would think she could make it down there to pick up her beloved dress.  Nope, not a chance.  Since the bus was leaving I was somewhat forced into getting it for her but my nerve count took a tumble.  She better hope that I get some nerves before Friday!  If she doesn’t want to walk, she sits down.  If she doesn’t want to get out of the stroller, she glues her arms to her side so you can’t pick her up.  if she wants to be carried she holds her legs up and refuses to stand – some serious abs this girl has…somewhere underneath the chunk-o-lunk.  I really have never seen anything like it.  This afternoon she was going potty before naptime.  And since her favorite activity in all of the world is taking a bath she thought it would be a good time.  she kicked her shorts and underwear off, stood on the floor and refused to lift her feet up so that I could put them back on.  When I forced her feet to go in her underwear, she stomped them until she was so off balance she fell on her head.  That was the last straw…the mighty hand that has administered 100’s of pops and is prepared for 100’s more made a swift move to the leg and she was officially indoctrinated into the Sanzone family.  Enough already kid.  …It is a good thing she is so cute. 

So today was a banner day, the day of dethroning.  The day the discipline began.  The day our little emperess became just a regular old American kid. 

Things are winding up here.  14 of the families in our group leave tomorrow – 7 of us on Friday.  We took a short trip to a museum and the botanical gardens this morning.  Experimented with Benadryl this afternoon – which resulted in a rather lengthy nap – and worked on what I hope to be an amazing shutterfly picture book capturing our memories.  We did get all 4 kids something super cool – handmade just for them – but alas, I cannot write it here because my sweet Josiah can read!  Sorry buddy!  You all will have to wait and see. 

It is a weird feeling knowing that we are leaving lydia’s homeland in just a few days.  Who knows if we will ever return.  I sure hope so, but there are no guarantees.  And certainly if we do, it won’t be for a long time.  Although eric and I were found discussing the name of our next Chinese daughter…  at any rate, we are leaving behind her essence and there is some sadness to that.  Not that it will keep me from getting on the plane, i am just saying there may be a few tears shed as we take off.

Currently, our little emperess is laying nicely in bed jabbering away in Chinese.  I think the 3 hour nap might be one reason why she is still awake at 10:45!  But…we have made progress as she is not screaming but merrily chatting to her animals.  She is a trip, this kid.  I am so thankful for her.  She is our little miracle.  Even her little emperess status is a miracle – loved and cared for so obviously before she came to us. 

We are on the countdown!  Tomorrow is the consulate visit to get her visa, Thursday we take the oath, and Friday we are coming home!  I want brownies and a strawberry light smoothie!


Anonymous said...

We have been keeping up on your posts. Sounds like you had a great but challenging trip. We are looking forward to seeing you and Lydia.

The Ringos

susan said...

WOW! You definitely have experienced parenthood to the fullest. And came out stronger I am sure. God has surely trained and prepared you for all that is ahead - even though you may not realize it. Thank you for being so faithful. I look forward to seeing you soon. love, Susan

Jess said...

Thanks for sharing your journey. I've been blessed by your story, and God glorified! It is easy to see His hand at work. I'll be praying for safe & easy travels Friday. Can't wait to meet your little emperess (..i mean, miracle!) :)

From My Brain To Your Eyes..Chary's Crazy life said...

You guys are great and are the best parents in the world! I love it AND the picture of the Olympic symbol behind Lydia-sweet! Soon, soon, you will be here again-hang in there and keep on loving each other-snakes for dinner and all! :)(PS, I hope Eric gets his bargains!)

Kelly said...

little pink size 5 sandals arrived today! mmm...can't wait to squeeze her little feet in them - and i do mean i'll squeeze her feet...and her legs, and her hands, and her arms and her cheeks! so looking forward to seeing y'all! safety, energy, patience...please Lord!

Anonymous said...

can't wait to get Lydia and Avery together! Should be fun to see who can throw the biggest tantrum. I'll be praying for your trip home. See you and your sweet miracle real soon.

With love,

Jes said...

She is beautiful, boss. We can't wait to meet her! Although Chase is disappointed she is not bringing her beanstalk home, he has offered to share his sword with her. I love 2 year olds. One second they will not share ANYTHING with ANYONE and the next they are offering their prized possession to someone they have never met. Miss you and are praying for a safe trip back.

God speed, Jes