at the risk of being investigated for child pornography, i thought you might enjoy a look at the infamous tan-lines of the sanzone children as referenced in a previous post. actually, the italian princess is the darkest of all but since she has 73 different bathing suits her back doesn't quite reflect her brownie browness.

"oh," they say at the pool, "you are the mom of the brown kids!" and now, its "you are the mom of the brown kids and the chinese kid!" what a place i have come to in life.

and be sure to note, the zebraesque stripes on the littlest member!


Laura Arnold said...

That is soooooooo hilarious!! Thanks for the pictures ; )

Kristen said...

haha, so cute!! These pictures are priceless!

Chary's stream of thought..seems kind of random. said...

Oh my gracious! I almost fell out of my chair from giggling!! Catching my breath: Wow..I gotta catch up, your kids are darker than me n Ani- YIKES!!

Claire said...

SOOOO adorable! I love it!