the good, the bad, and the ugly





Anonymous said...

Andy & I read your blogs daily... He said to me last night, "We need to do dinner with the Sanzones when they get home. They have wayyyy too many good stories to tell!" :) We are enjoying your humor despite the hardships! What a journey this is for you! What a joy! I can't wait to see the pearls you bought and to see your most precious pearl, LYDIA SANZONE!!! What an amazing gift!
Carrie, Andy & Dillon Price

From My Brain To Your Eyes..Chary's Crazy life said...

You just crack me up, such a great writer! I want to write like you when I grow up..I could just hear the screaming and feel my blood pressure rise! 2 IS 2 no matter who you are!! Awww..you guys are awesome and Little Short Round Lydia will figure things out soon enough!! Sooo cannot wait to see you all again and I'm glad you got to do some important shopping with items you can actually finance your adoption as well as maybe a couple of college educations-ha! But I love how you bought things for Lydia in the future: so very cool!

Anonymous said...

Some things are the same in any language. Sometimes we call that the "Fussy Mussy Language". So, clearly, you, Eric and Lydia are all fluent in fussy mussy. Sometimes it helps if everyone has a fussy mussy fit at the same time! At least you're bonding!!! Every day, Rachel wants to check for new pictures of Lydia. Her first comment with these pictures was "She's being a fussy mussy." She says, "God picked her for their family. Look at her, she smiles like their family." (Impressive that a 4 year old sees the miracle you are bringing home.) We are holding you up in prayer as your family prepares for a Homecoming unlike any other. Here's to lots more fussy mussy fits to come. With all our love and prayers--Alice, Rachel and Jon Stephenson