the miracle continues...

i don't know that i have ever been witness to a miracle as quite as big as lydia.  her story amazes me and each day it seems to unfold a little more.  we start with God bringing us together in a way only He could do, which is about 100 miracles in and of itself that someday i will list so that we will never forget, and we have now come to the miracle of her, lydia herself.  i think eric and i must laugh at least once every 30 minutes at our "failure to thrive" little girl.  here she is with thighs far bigger than any child we have ever had, and an appetite that could put any grown man to shame.  for lunch the child downed 3 pieces of Papa Johns pizza, a bag of Teddy Grahams and a huge glass of water.  And three hours later she was itching for a snack.  i don't know what happened between september and now but i am claiming a miracle.  

and then there is her heart.  she is bigger than life with a smile and a twinkle in her eye that would melt ice.  normally, i might even be a bit apprehensive at how well she has transitioned to us, but in my heart i think it is all part of the miracle.   she was made for us and we for her.  she has had a couple of crying spells - one when she woke up this morning and one later this afternoon - but even in the midst of those she snuggles into my arms and closes her eyes and cries.  its as if she is saying, "i'm sad.  i miss all that i know.  but more than anything, i know i am safe and you are the one i love."  and they pass, relatively quickly, and we are on to giggles and dolls and blocks and coloring.  just like any other two year old little girl.  she loves eric and i equally, is quick to let either of us care for her.  she is perfect.  i almost feel guilty at how perfect she is.  i look around at the 50 or so families who are also here adopting and granted, i am a bit biases, but no little child even comes close to precious lydia. and to top it all off, she is a 'special needs' little girl!  this child is a miracle.  it isn't coincidence or luck of the system, it is a God-given miracle and our thankfulness is beyond measure.

we have enjoyed today.  a bit more paperwork (we had to promise not to torture or abandon her!) a great nap and some shopping tonight.  eric is a viscious bargainer.  pops, you would be proud.  lydia is so easy.  she eats EVERYTHING, sleeps great, and is a joy to play with.  today when she was playing she was jabbering away in chinese - i only wish i could know what she was saying.  we tried to get it on video but when we pull out the camera she stops, of course.  when it is time to go to bed, she lays on my chest with her panda in arm and goes right to sleep.  who could ask for more than that?  tomorrow is a bit more business and then the zoo on thursday.   this is precious time.  i know life will change when we get home to the kids so i am treasuring the time just with her.  she has no idea what she is in for! : )

we miss all of you. and i will be so glad to set foot on american soil.  but for now, i will embrace the beauty of china and all that it has to offer.  thank you so much for your prayers and notes of encouragement!

lots of love,


**today when we stepped outside there was a "condensation alert" on our video camera...just a wee bit humid!!!  definitely reminiscent of my days in the philippines!




Laura Arnold said...

"Yay God!!!" is just about all we can say ; ) She is absolutely beautiful! Thank you for keeping us posted with pictures...we are delighted to be able to see her and even more delighted to see that she is becoming a Sanzone!


Laura & John

John & Donna said...

What a joy to see you reach out to Lydia and China with the love of Jesus Christ. There will be no dull moments in your forseeable future.....
In Him,
John & Donna

Anonymous said...

Some Chinese for Lydia:

You are beautiful. Ni zhen piao liang.

You are safe with us. He wo men zai yi qi, hen an quan.

We are your forever family now. Jin hou, wo men jiu shi ni yong yuan de jia.

Do you want water? Ni he shui ma?

Are you thirsty? Ni ke ma?

Are you tired? Ni lei ma?

Do you want to eat? Ni xiang chi dong xi ma?

One for Eric
No, you may not date until you are thirty-five! Bu xing. Dao san shi wu sui zai zhao dui xiang ba.

Are you hungry? Ni e ma?

Come to Mom. Dao Ma Ma zhe lai.

Come, let's play a game! Lai, zan men zuo you xi!

Father (Dad) Ba ba

Go potty? (pee, to a small child) Yao niao4 ma?

Go potty? (poo, to a small child) Yao la ma?

Go to Dad. Zhao Ba Ba qu!

Good boy (girl)! Ni zhen guai!

I love you. Wo ai ni

It's OK. Bu yao jin.

It's time for bed. Gai shui jiao le.

Let's go. Zan men zou ba.

Or simply Zou ba. 走吧。

Let me pick you up. Or Pick up. Rang wo bao bao ni. 让我抱抱你。
Or Bao4 bao. 抱抱。

Mother (Mom) Ma ma

No. (not to permit) Bu xing.

This is your dad. Zhe shi ni de ba ba.

What do you want to eat? Xiang chi1 shen me?

Yes. (to affirm) Shi (de).

Enjoyed the pictures! The Ringos

From My Brain To Your Eyes..Chary's Crazy life said...

I heard it was hot in the Philippines and no Air conditioning to speak of..has Chary gone yet- noooo....I love the smiling/laughing pictures of your little Panda girl! (we call Kai Panda..he's looked like one since he was 4 months old!) I love that precious picture of Ashleigh and Lydia w/ big smiles together!! Have fun at the Zoo, say hi to LingLing for us! :)

Anonymous said...

oh MY goodness!! SHE IS ABSOLUTELY THE CUTEST LITTLE GIRL ever! I have to say, I'm really not surprised at how well she is adjusting to you & Eric...after all, we DID pray for this! And God has done so much already, how could He NOT continue to show us how big He really is!!!! It's amazing and wonderful. I can't wait to meet her and her chubby little self!!
And Dillon can't wait to meet her either :)
Love, Carrie