yippee yahoo!

tomorrow is going to be a fabulous day!

sarahjoy is slated to walk out the doors around lunchtime.  she is doing great, they even took her off oxygen tonight.  the only thing left is one measly IV in her hand.  she will get an xray and an echocardiogram on her heart tomorrow morning.  assuming all of those things are good, we are driving home!!!!  (and lord help me if they are not good)  she has not had a fever at all today or tonight and everything points to her moving along to complete healing.  we will go home with a bag full of drugs and innumerable follow up visits but hopefully no more PICU!

she is definitely feeling so much better.  she was a bear today - wanting to get down, arching her back, throwing fits.  you know, acting like a 2 year old cooped up in a hospital room.  they took the oxygen out of her nose around 7:00 and from then until 11:00 she did not stop babbling.  i don't know what it was about the oxygen but it must have had some affect on her talking because she had been almost silent until tonight.  and then the kid would not be quiet!  carrying on like crazy.  FINALLY, around 11:00 she fell asleep.  but she was so happy and talking away - as much as i wanted her to fall asleep it was pure joy to hear her and her cute little voice babbling on about who knows what.   i wish i knew what her little mind was thinking.

and............my sweet cousin rachel is having her babies tomorrow!!!!!!  alena and abby will enter the world around 1:00 tomorrow afternoon.  we are expecting them to be tiny but healthy.  and i am so excited i can hardly stand it.   God has certainly allowed them to bear a tremendous burden of tragedy and grief these last few months; i am praying that joy would come again when they see those little girls.  please pray for an uncomplicated delivery and healthy little girls!

come on tomorrow!!!!


Kristie said...

Thank is great news. I know you all are ready to be back at home and get things back to the new normal :)
Praying for SarahJoy and for the new babies coming into the world.

Theresa said...

So glad to hear good news for ya'll. There's no place like home! Also, thanks for sharing about Rachel - I was wondering how she was. Prayers going up for you, SarahJoy, Rachel and the twins.
Theresa Clements

muvie said...

I am praying for SarahJoy and Rachel's little ones. Please let us know how Rachel's little girls are doing. I am so glad that you and SarahJoy are at the home stretch!