day 11...

quick update...

okay day today.  sarahjoy spiked a fever in the middle of the night which is not good.  however, she did not have a fever during the day and then about 7:00 tonight it was slightly elevated so that is possibly a step in the right direction.  she was fairly cranky most of the day - i think she was probably in some discomfort and after finally figuring that out we gave her  ibuprofen after which she was perky.  i suppose the girl has a right to be in some pain after having her chest cracked open 10 days ago.  i also think she is really tired of being there which shows up in some two year old fits every now and then.  sometimes it's hard to discern what's a fit and what's true pain/sickness.

at this point the fever is the big question mark.  no one knows exactly what is causing it.  they are continuing to do blood cultures and nothing is showing anything.  they have tested her urine and no infection is there.  there is no sign of infection at her wound site.  their best guess is pneumonia but for reasons i don't fully understand they are unable to say an absolute yes or no to the pneumonia theory.  bottom line, there continues to be junk in her lungs that needs to clear up.  and everyone's best guess is that is what is causing the fever.  she is on heavy duty IV antibiotics so we are hoping we see some improvement in the next few days.

please continue to pray.  we really want to see our china princess come home soon.


Dawn said...


wow--I was out of the loop completely, and just caught up on all Sj is going through. And you. And unfortunately I can picture every bit of it--as we went through open heart surgery with our little Aidan. The PICU was NOT my favorite place. The NICU he had been in was much better.

Anyway, I am SO sorry that you are all going through all of this. I am praying that God surrounds you with His unfailing love, and holds you up each moment. I am also praying for good sleep, and complete healing for SJ. She sounds like a fighter! Good for her. It might be hard to deal with, but she has lots of fighting to do to get better. Go SarahJoy!

Much love to you and Eric.