good news from the cardiologist today!!

sarahjoy's heart looks great.  the surgery was successful in closing the hole.  we will continue to monitor every month to keep an eye on the pressures.  which is the big question mark because her defect was not corrected until she was 2.  right now, the pressure on one side of her heart is 3 times higher than the other side.  over time, with a healthy heart, that pressure will hopefully subside as the lungs recover from being overworked the last two years.  she is on medication currently to help with this, and will continue for the forseeable future.  but all of that is no surprise to anyone and is 'normal' for her situation.  overall, things are good.

her left lung is still a bit junky.  we will have a chest x-ray next week before our surgical follow up and they will take a look at the lungs.  again, not a surprise there but they want to keep an eye on it.

i did ask about her non-silent, non-rhythmic breathing while she is sleeping.  there may be some sleep apnea going on which we can address after we get through this initial heart stuff.  i asked the doc generally about what i was hearing.  eric cut to the chase for me and said, "basically ashleigh is wanting to know if sarahjoy is going to die in the middle of the night."  nothing like being totally forthright and getting right down to my fears!  the doctor's response, "well, we don't tend to see that sort of thing happen."  not exactly what i wanted to hear but eric reminded me that a doctor is never going to say never.  true, good point.   we are going to try and get her on videotape during the night to bring to our next appointment.  and if he feels like it would be a good thing, we will do a sleep study and see what's going on.  i don't think this has anything to do with her heart issue, but i am not sure on that one.

her incision is looking fabulous.  i'll have to take some pictures and post them.  it is pretty amazing.  obviously it is major scar, but it is looking really good.  and speaking of pictures, our camera decided to quit working but as soon as i get that worked out i have got to get some pics up here of our beautiful smiley little girl!

God has chosen to give us a great blessing in bringing sarahjoy home (debt free) and allowing her to be healed by modern medicine.  why he has chosen to bestow on us tremendous favor, i don't know.  but i want to be clear.  he has done this for us.  this whole sarahjoy journey is not of our own doing.  this is a God story.  he alone could have orchestrated all of these events.  he alone could take an abandoned baby girl in the middle of rural china and place her in a loving family on the other side of the world at just the right time for successful medical intervention.  and he alone could provide every dollar that was needed.  and he alone could give her breath again.  and he alone has her life in his hands.  we are thankful and we treasure her with everything we have.  but ultimately, she is God's and her story is about Him.

she is beautiful.  her eyes light up when she sees her daddy.  and disappear when she smiles.  her grin would melt the hardest of hearts.  she is our treasure and tonight we thank God for his gift to us.  for our treasure.


robin cornett said...

So glad for the good visit and news for you guys.

Anonymous said...

your post leaves me in happy tears! Such a true miracle of God!

em and pete said...

Awesome, Ashleigh! Praise God. We are continuing to pray for your family!

Kimberly said...

So happy for you all! We are praying for all of you.