tomorrow is a big day for us.  we will meet with the cardiac surgeon (separate doctor from the cardiologist) at 9:30 and then do all of the pre-op stuff after that.  they tell us we'll be there until 1:00 with blood work, x-rays, etc.  we are anxious to know more details, and the ultimate detail of when exactly the surgery is going to be.

thank you so much for all of your prayers.  our big prayer right now is that we have 4 sick kids.  so far, sarahjoy is standing strong, but there are germs ready to pounce!  the other 4 are on the upswing i think, but they have all been feeling pretty nasty with a variety of pinkeye, stomach bug and bad congestion and cough.  they will not do surgery if she has even the slightest sniffle.  so we are praying for God to put protection around her little body and keep her healthy.

we'll update tomorrow when we know more!

and now for the cutest little kid on earth in her purple converse...(and i promise her tights match even though they look rather gnarly in this picture!)


tinalee said...

oh my, she is adroable! and already has a thing for shoes =)
will be praying for wellness for all your little one and a smooth pre-op day.
much love, tina

Kristie said...

We are praying that Sarah Joy stays well for her surgery. God bless you guys.