i am scared to hope, but maybe today we turned a corner.

sarahjoy was doing great this morning.  during the night they took all of her monitors off except her oxygen so she is almost wire free.  when i got there she was up walking around, playing and looked wonderful.  she did throw up which we still don't know what that is related to - i.e. food, medicine, vests of torture or all of the above.  but overall she was looking much better than she has been.  her xray from this morning wasn't super; it looked about the same as yesterday - i am choosing to take that as a good sign that at least we aren't getting worse!

around lunch her fever went up again and she was miserable.  they have now ordered tylenol to be administered more often which i think will help us to stay ahead of the fever.  it seems that once it comes on (with a vengeance) it takes awhile for her body to get rid of it.  and she is completely mopey and miserable when she is feverish, which she was for the whole afternoon.

however............this evening her fever subsided and she was amazing!  she ate dinner like a champ (and kept it down) and she was acting like an ornery two year old.  which although it was wearing me out (ornery two year olds and hospital rooms are not a good combination), i was glad to see! when it came time to put her to sleep i cradled her and assumed she would lay down like every other night.  but oh no, she wanted to play.  so i let her get down off the bed and she played on the little mat for awhile.  it was a bit surreal for me to be watching her refuse to be held and not want to go to sleep!  eventually she settled down and i rocked her to dream land.  but for a few hours tonight i could actually picture us taking her home.

the two things that need to happen are a) her xray to clear up (and thus her fever to disappear) and b) her to eat and keep it down.  i will be really curious to see what her xray shows tomorrow because it sure seems like she has progressed a whole bunch.  and maybe, just maybe, she will eat more tomorrow.  the word today was hopefully we could be home at the beginning of next week.  i am putting absolutely no stock in that guess, i even told the doctor to quit saying things like that.  but we'll see.....of course, that's what they said last thursday too.  : )

and for the record, she was a royal pain in the butt when it came to medicine taking today.  hoping for a better day tomorrow on that front also!

keep praying.

feeling pretty good

medicine time!

"i am so OVER this hospital thing!"


Kristie said...

This is great news. She looks like she is feeling better, looks stronger. We are praying you get to bring her home soon.

Kirsten said...

oh, wow, she sure LOOKS like she feels better! still praying - hoping you all get to go home SOON!!

Anonymous said...

You probably get tired of people saying this, but she is so stinkin' cute!
Karen Schanck

John and Karen said...

Good stuff, Ashleigh! Thanks for the updates. Karen

Michael & Beverly said...

I'm soooooo glad SarahJoy is doing better ! ! !
This ordeal must be extremely tiring for you. I hope you get n extra dose of energy and perseverance ! ! !
You are such an awesome mom.