still dreaming

i can't think of anyone but you. your sweet face, your crazy hair. you fit. you are meant to be with us. i think. i catch myself going to that place. where you are ours, only ours. where God has done a miracle and we can proclaim him to the outer edges of the earth.

i am trying not to dream but i can't help it. when do we get you? what will you think? when is the party? what will you wear on the airplane? what will i wear? what size are you, you are so tiny! oh wait, you aren't ours quite yet. but i know you will be, i just know.

i am so glad kelly encouraged us to get a doctors appt. on friday. if i had to wait until tuesday i would have died. plus, daddy is leaving and i want to share the joy.

oh my, God is doing a miracle. you are our miraculous one, sweet cherub.



Lovely !
So much love in your heart! Lydia is blessed to have you!