The Announcement

I never thought I would be sending this email on April 18, 2008 but I AM!!!!!!! We received a call from our agency on Tuesday afternoon saying that they had a little girl for us to look at. This was after we had been told a few days prior that there were 11 families waiting in front of us who all had basically the same request for a child. A MIRACLE!!!!!!!!!!! I have no idea how we jumped to the front of the line but I am going to go with MIRACLE! Her special need was "developmental delay (physical growth)" so we were naturally a bit apprehensive, which is why I didn't send out an email saying that we were even entertaining the idea. But the more we looked at her records, the more we saw that she is in fact small but she has reached all of her developmental milestones on time and has grown steadily. She is just tiny! We met with an international adoption pediatrician at CHKD this morning and after thoroughly going over records he indicated that she looked great! He said that he has seen lots of kids come to a good home and drastically improve their growth which may be her case, or, worst case would be that she would always be petite and may struggle a bit in school. He of course gave us no guarantees but was very encouraging. No signs of abnormalities, syndromes, physical defects, etc. WE HAVE A NEW DAUGHTER!!!!!!!

So the million dollar question...when do we get her! Our agency lists 3-5 months as the expected wait time before we travel. So we'll see... Beings that the Olympics are in China in August and the country is expected to shut down, I am thinking more the fall end of things but who knows! We are ready!!!!! WE CAN'T WAIT!!!!!!!!

Thank you guys so much for praying! Keep praying that we can get her soon, soon, soon! I will write more with all the MANY miracles we have been seeing but I wanted to get this out to all of you asap. I have of coursed attached a picture so you can see our cute little button, Lydia Kate Li Sanzone!

To God be the glory for his MIRACULOUS hand!!!!!

**Her birthday is listed as 12-28-05 so she is 28 months. That is a guesstimate as they don't completely know when she was born. She was abandoned in late March of 2006. Anyway, her and Micah will be buddies (he will be 3 in May)!



So sweet ! Beautiful peice of writing. Loved it!