So Many, So Few

I was just reading on a website about how long the wait is for a child from China. People are in agony waiting for their children. Waiting for their dreams to become a reality. So many are ready, and so few are seeing it happen. I read through the various comments and couldn't help but be reminded how much of a miracle you are. I don't know why God saw fit to do a miracle for us, but he has and I will be forever grateful. Why didn't we have to wait five years? It was only four months ago that we were settling in to the reality of not seeing our Lydia for several years. And then POOF!, God moved and here you are. Your cherub face staring at me everytime I open the refrigerator

I still get scared. Are you really going to be ours? Are we really going to be able to pick you up and smell you? To introduce you as our child? There is a twinge of hesitation to believe and if I let it go it turns into a gut-wrenching fear that consumes me. Will China reject us for some reason? Will something happen?

Oh God, please keep Lydia safe and bring us to her quickly. She is your child, before she is ours.