okay...uh...are you sure?

i was up in the bedroom putting on my make-up. i have a meeting tonight with my leadership team. i was dreaming of you. maybe, just maybe, we could get a phone call out of the blue and suddenly you would be ours. i know, we have 11 other families ahead of us but God can do crazy things, can't he? i was dreaming. and then i heard the phone ring. my dream was coming true, yes, it really was. dana called and said she had a little girl for us. okay...what...did you call the wrong person...what's the catch?

i can't believe it. i can't. i just can't. how could this be? are you sure? there were 11 other families in front of us. my heart is racing. you are adorable. your medical files look great. i can't believe this might be you. i am scared to believe, to hope. but it seems right.

we are meeting with the doctor on friday to let him look. please, please, let this be you.



Waiting to know what happened !
Nice one !