Prayer Update

I wanted to let you guys know how powerful your prayers are!

**Eric and I are both feeling MUCH better today.  So thankful for that!!!

**We had no trouble at the airport.  Our check-in bags were a little overweight but they didn’t seem to care.  And our carry-on luggage was never weighed.  Yippee!!!

**We learned today that Lydia was returned to the orphanage at least a month ago.  While that worries me a little bit in terms of her being jostled around, it is a good thing for her adoption preparation.  We have been told that her orphanage is very, very good in preparing the children to meet their new families. 

Thank you so much for you prayers!  They are really, really keeping us afloat.



Kristen said...

It's funny that since I work 3rd shift I'm actually awake when you are. I love all of the updates so thanks for those. We'll keep praying!! Love you guys!