a father's love

I don't know if you have ever known the love of a father. I imagine that you have - for those first few months before your parents realized they would have to leave you. i imagine a father who was grieved beyond words that he could not love you and care for you like his heart so wanted. i imagine a father who was meticulous about the planning of where they would leave you so you would be found. i imagine a father who held you close and looked you in the eyes only to be torn apart that he knew what was coming. he knew he couldn't be the father he wanted to be, he knew it was all going to come to an end. i imagine a father who has prayed countless times from that fateful day that you would be found and you would be loved again by a daddy.

i wish i could tell him that his prayers have been answered. that in just a few short days you will have the best father anyone has ever had. that you will be loved beyond what he could have imagined. in just a few short days you can have daddy dates. you can experience daddy hugs and daddy kisses. you can feel the love and warmth that only a daddy can give. and most of all, you will have a daddy that will lead you to the best Father of all. you will have a daddy that loves Jesus more than anything in this world and he will lead you there. pretty soon, you will know a Father's love again.

in just 13 days we will meet you. 13 days. i can hardly believe it. hang on little one. your mommy and daddy are coming.


guinever said...

How did I know that I would start balling if I clicked on the link in your e-mail and came to your blog!

I'm holding you close in my prayers this week, especially tomorrow in the air. May God quiet your anxious heart.

Always remember that God knows what will happen and whatever happens is no surprise to Him. Rest in that.

I'm praying for sweet Lydia's separation from everything that she has ever known. I pray that the transition would be smooth and that she will cling to you as her parents and know you, love you and accept you immediately. And that she'll be secure in your love and in the love of her Heavenly Father who has brought her to your family.

Laura Arnold said...

What an amazing story! I just read through your blog...and now both my eyes and nose are running.

I am in awe of our Lord. When I read your first email this past winter I was thrilled for the adventure ahead. And, the Lord definitely has not disappointed! He always exceeds our expectations. We can't wait to see little Lydia Sanzone--she is such a gift!!

Babs Whaley said...

Dear Sweet Lydia,
You are beautifully and wonderfully made! God has known you even before your birth, and now, we are so blessed to add you to our growing family tree. Welcome to "the Turner side" of the family! You are now part of a crazy mix of folks: aunts and uncles, mommies and daddies, step brothers and "whole" brothers and sisters, cousins galore and best of all...our Mimi! We are scattered all over this great new country of yours. Each of us has a little different history, but we all come together as a loving family thanks to our focus on the God who made us all! Jump in, sweetie. You couldn't have joined a grander group.
I have been praying for you for many months now and can't wait to give you a hug and a kiss - the first of many! (That goes for the hugs, kisses and most certainly, the prayers!) Among many, many others, I welcome you and promise to be here for you in anyway you need me for the rest of your life. You are family now, sweetie. Jesus loves you and I do too.
Your Cousin,