a few more hours

To my dearest Lydia,

The time is close.  In just three hours I will leave this room, walk down the stairs, step into a bus, and make my way to you.  For three years you have been in my heart and my dreams; now, you will be in my arms.  At times, it seemed like this day would never come.  And yet now, it seems as though the journey never was.  Soon, very soon, you will be mine and I will be yours.

I will be your mommy and you my little girl.  I will love you.  I will hold you.  I will carry you.  I will cry with you and I will laugh with you.  We will be together, finally.

How we have come together is a story only God could put together.  And because of that, we can know that it is good.  But I know you will be sad.  You will cry and you will wonder what is happening.  You will try to figure out who I am and why I am taking you from all you have ever known.  You will be scared.  But I will be your mommy.  I will wipe your tears.  I will whisper your name.  I will give you love that can only come from the one who has held you in her heart.

I will be your mommy now, I will be your mommy later.  When you are running and jumping without a care in the world, I will be your mommy.  When you wonder how you came into this world, I will be your mommy.  When you look in the mirror and see a different face, I will be your mommy.  When you are afraid, I will be your mommy.  When you love life more than anything, I will be your mommy.  When you cry yourself to sleep, I will be your mommy.  When you give me snuggles, I will be your mommy.  When you want me far away, I will be your mommy.

No matter what, from this day forward, I will be your mommy.

I can’t wait to see you.

With all the love in this world,



Kelly said...

the time is SO CLOSE! golly, i'm giddy for y'all! so thankful i'm still awake and had to check just ONEMORETIME before she's in your arms! our hearts are with you, and will be again in a few hours! hugs all around...

guinever said...

I was wondering what the time difference is between here and there, wondering if you had met her yet and now I see that it is soon. Not now, but soon.
much love

Kristen said...

Eric and Ashleigh...by now you probably have finally laid eyes on your beautiful Lydia. It is 4:05am in the US and I'm praying for the three of you as I'm sure there will be many emotions to deal with. We can't wait to see a picture of you all together at last!! Lots of love!!