We are here!  We have landed safely and have all of our bags.  We are staying in a ridiculously nice hotel in Beijing which we will thoroughly enjoy – they even have a ‘pillow menu’. 


We will write more later but the sleepy-sleepy pills are hitting hard.  Suffice it to say, we are very thankful to safely be here!


Anonymous said...

yeah!!! So glad you guys made it there safely & that you have an awesome hotel! God is so good.

Fisher is apparently waiting for Lydia before he decides that he wants to come out!!!


Laura Arnold said...

Hooray!!! We are praying for your safety : ) Sounds like things are really good!!

Laura & John

Kelly said...

FABULOUS! Tried to get in touch w/ the whites, but had wrong number - will try again tomorrow! Libby thinks y'all should be home already, and has thanked God for "Alydia". Praying for sleep, quick adjustments, and FUN! You're in CHINA!!!!!! (that's right, 6 ! for the 6 Sanzones)