14 months pregnant

i am ready to be off this train. i find myself longing to be finished with acquiring children! i am anxious to be done, to move on knowing that our family is complete. but...we aren't there yet.

our homestudy should be ready to go next week. that is a big step in the process because as soon as that happens, we can be officially in the waiting pool for our little girl. there is still paperwork to do (OH MY GOSH I AM TIRED OF PAPERWORK!) but that can be done while we are waiting.

and, the big question, how long will we have to wait? i have no idea. no one has any idea. it is completely up to china and what files get sent to our agency. so, if you happen to find yourself in the office of the China Center for Adoption Affairs you could let them know that we would like her soon. i am ready. let's go. i am hopeful that we will have a referral before the end of the year. but who knows.

God is still providing. i am still praying. and wishing it were done. let's just be real. sometimes i am so tired of the stress of adopting - the finances, the when's, the who's, the unknowns. tired of the mounds of paperwork - once we finish the 'adoption' part we start the applications for financial help. it seems like it never ends. i feel like the expectant mom who is 8 months pregnant. i am ready to get this little girl in my hands! only, there are months left. and actually, we have no idea how long is left. just imagine the woman who is endlessly pregnant with no due date in sight. yeah...she's grumpy. and so am i every now and then.

if you are praying, here are some points to ponder:

1. smooth finish to our homestudy - the all important group of papers that get us to the waiting pool

2. wisdom in how to fill out our 'medical checklist' form. this is the form where we have to indicate what special needs we will accept. so hard to fill out and try to guess at what God would want for our family

3. financial provisions. i don't know how. i'll just leave it at that.

sarahjoy, we wait for you. a bit impatiently right now. but i am choosing to turn my impatience into prayers for you sweet girl. that you would be loved and cherished in whatever family you find yourself in right now. that God would shine brightly and protect you from hurt. that he would be preparing you, and us, to be family. we love you and can't wait to cover you with kisses.