you never know

eric's out of town and so dinner was the kids and me, and a box of graham crackers, with a bowl of clementines, and some yogurt. all the important food groups i might point out. sometimes i get tired of talking kid talk (and by that i mean pretty much all the time). i am not well versed, nor particularly interested in star wars, pretend school, legos, kung-fu panda. i am most definitely not one of those moms that breaks out the scissors and glue and creates projects with their kids while wearing matching aprons and pulling hot chocolate chip cookies out of the oven all while listening to the latest fisher-price sing-along cd. it's not me. one might wonder why i have 4 children. sometimes i wonder too. but i love it. i love them. they just have to be crafty-crafty all by themselves!

okay, lest i digress. so, sometimes i just need a conversation about me, about something i care about (i know...selfish... but i NEED it, N.E.E.D it, NEED it). tonight's question.............."do you think we should have another baby?" responses included...

josiah - "NO! then i would be responsible for (counting...) FOUR children and i would probably have to change diapers. NO! although, we could adopt one from paris, france. that would be awesome!"

anna claire - "YES! ...but i want it to be a girl baby because i don't want anymore boys in this house. and mommy and daddy are SO not going to paris."

micah - "YES! i want a boy but can he be three years old so we can play together and he won't wear diapers just like me?"

lydia - focused solely on eating, as is her usual posture at the table.

so then i decided we should discuss names. i explained to them that all of their names went together because they were from the bible and they all ended in the "A" sound. josiAH, annA, micAH, lydiA. initial candidate included dalton (okay, we weren't quite getting the original explanation) but then they came up with some good ones. elijah, josiah suggested, which i happen to really like. sarah was nixed - josiah thinks that name is ugly(maybe unreturned affections in kindergarten). mariah was a go. like that one.

who knows. maybe there will be #5. and if so, we have the names elijah michael (after eric MICHAEL) or mariah leigh (after me, ashLEIGH). hey, we're halfway there! now all we have to do is figure out if God needs an elijah or mariah sanzone. or who knows, maybe both.


Claire said...

oh seriously lady, you are awesome. I love that you guys have such a great flock of babies already, and are thinking of more. You are so open to God using you as a mom, and I feel like God is using you guys as an example for me and matthew! So thank you!

Hopefully I can see those precious babies sometime soon!

Lauren Gyorfi said...

I'm not sure how I feel about babysitting five kids. You'll need to give me some time to really think about this one.