more than we ever dreamed

We have some great Thanksgiving traditions in our house - big breakfast, hiking, movies, and then big dinner. What the best part is these days is that I am not so involved in the hiking or the movies so I have managed to have almost 5 hours to myself! Now that is something to be thankful for!

Of course, given the holiday, I have been thinking about what I am thankful for. And so much comes to mind. But I also asked the kids, and got a look into their personalities.

my family (awwww...)
lego star wars wii game
computer (do you see why "media" restriction is a first line of defense in our house?)
Jesus (working on the Trinity)
food (a boy after my own heart. food is at the bottom of the totem pole. happy to eat cheerios and oatmeal for his whole life)

anna claire -
God and Jesus
my family
Lydia!!! (said with GREAT enthusiasm)
babysitters (maybe we should go out more often!)
Grandma and Aunt Chrissy
Grammy and Pops
neighbors (so far, it's all about the people)
clothes (and she has some cute ones)
computer (media restriction doesn't work so well on her)
flowers (what a girlie thing to say!)

micah and lydia are upstairs playing and i dare not interrupt their happy time (it's either happiness or WWIII). so i'll have to wait to see what they say. but truly, there is so much to be thankful for in my life. i sort of wouldn't even know where to start if i made a list.

but this year in particular, i am thankful for the ways that God has worked so obviously in our family life. sometimes life feels stagnant. day in and day out it is the same. this introvert enjoys that on some level, but i find it challenging to see God in the stagnant. and so i am thankful that i can look at lydia and remember God's big, huge, sweeping, obvious working to bring her home. it reminds me that he is real and present. that he isn't asleep on the job.

there is a part of me that is excited about another adoption simply because i know we are going to see God in big, flashing lights. leah will be another reminder of a huge, big God. we will have a story to tell with her.

i am thankful for a nice house in this crazy-expensive city. i am thankful for nice clothes. i am thankful for a church that i love to go to. i am thankful for living 2 miles down the road from Grammy and Pops. i am thankful for close friends. i am thankful for 4 healthy children. i am thankful for a husband who believes in helping 100%. i am thankful that he is my best friend. i am thankful for a great school system for our kids. i am thankful for good health. i am thankful for those who are fighting for our country - many family members among them. i am thankful for reliable cars. i am thankful for a family that gets along. i am thankful for the God who have given us more than we could have ever dreamed of in this life.

thank you Jesus. for yourself, for your provisions, for your peace that passes all understanding. and thank you that you already know the precious little girl that will become ours.

happy thanksgiving.