It has been a year that my heart has been waiting for you. I would have thought you would have been ours by now but God had other plans. He knew that we weren't ready to meet each other. But I think about you all the time, wondering if you are on this earth of just a secret God is waiting to place in a mother's womb. I long for you more than you will ever know or could even imagine. My heart breaks when I think of how long it may take us to meet you. BUT...I am believing God for a miracle. He has burdened me to pray for a miracle and so I am obeying. God is going to bring you to us THIS YEAR. I don't know how he's going to do it but He has told me to pray for it so I am obeying.

Lord - I am believing you for a miracle - to bring our sweet daughter and sister home to us this year. Protect her and guide us to her. You are the Creator and the Giver of Life. You know her and know exactly how she will come into our family. We ask you for a miracle. Bring her home this year.

Wait patiently my princess, we are coming for you.

Lord, grant us the desires of our hearts. Guide us in your paths of believing and praying for you to do the miraculous. We know you can do it and though I am scared to put my trust in that knowledge - I am going there with faith that you will do a miracle. I am obeying you, dear Lord.