God is big.

When God is moving, it is intense - thrilling, but intense. We are hanging on as he continues to work this adoption journey into the most dramatic God-adventure we have ever been on. We will proclaim him in all of his glory so not only we can be strengthened but all of you as well!

A couple of weeks ago I sent an update - we continue to wait in the ‘traditional’ pool for adoption and are completing paperwork to be eligible for a special needs adoption if that should be the way God leads. To clarify, China identifies any child with an abnormality as ‘special needs’ – we are interested in a child with a medically correctable defect (cleft lip/palate, etc.) or something that a child could adapt to and live a normal life (i.e. a missing finger, an ill-placed birthmark, etc.)

God has given us little doubt that he is in charge of this whole adventure - these past weeks have been no exception. His next step for us - a directive to pray for a miracle. I most definitely resisted; to be honest I equate praying for miracles with disappointment and humiliation. However, he has been working on me and prodding me to believe him for more than what is realistic, sharing the journey with each of you so that we all can witness our mighty and miraculous God in a new way.

And so this is the prayer he has given us – that God would bring us our little girl before the end of this year. There are all sorts of reasons why this is not a realistic hope. The wait for traditional adoptions continues to be 2-3 years from now. In addition, an increasing number of families like ours are interested in children with mild special needs which makes that avenue very iffy. Only God can make it happen – we believe that and we anticipate watching it happen right before our eyes. It is a scary but peaceful place to be. A little crazy, a lot faith-stretching, and definitely way out of my comfort zone! But God has done great things and will continue to do great and mighty things to bring our Lydia home.

We invite you to pray with us. We invite you to stand and watch with us while God exhibits his power in amazing ways. We are waiting with expectation, inviting him to do a miraculous work, and standing by to proclaim his name loud and clear when it happens. And…we can’t wait to introduce you to our little Lydia really, really soon!

“Your ways, God, are holy.
What god is as great as our God?
You are the God who performs miracles;
you display your power among the peoples.”
Psalm 77:13-14