here we come!

i am speechless. i thought we wouldn't see you until september. but in my heart i hoped it would be july. i really hoped...and prayed. i knew daddy didn't have any trips this summer for a reason! i knew that God could do miracle! and he has. we are coming to get you in july!

we talked to aunt chrissy today because she was keeping the other kids. daddy and i are in corolla getting a little vacation. when we talked to aunt chrissy, she said we should check our voicemail. so we did and guess what...we are going to china! you are really going to get to be our daughter! i can't even eat i am so excited. i never thought this day would come. it seemed like forever...and now it seems like it went by so fast.

we are coming for you peanut. we really are. hang in there, it won't be long. get lots of love from your family in China. i know they are taking good care of you. pretty soon, you will be with your forever family, and we will never let you go.