China or Bust!!!!

well. i really don't know what to say. seriously, i am about speechless. God has moved beyond our imagination and WE ARE GOING TO CHINA IN JULY!!!!!

yep, that's right! we were praying for a miracle that we could travel quickly and go in july and he has made it happen! we received a call this morning from our agency that we had received our final bit of paperwork from china and we should be travelling around july 10.

eric and i are down in corolla for the week so we have been celebrating all day! we are so excited!!!!! it is almost unfathomable that in january, while staring at 5 years until we would meet our little girl, we felt led to pray for a miracle that she would be here this year. AND SHE IS GOING TO BE HERE IN JULY!!!!! we are standing in awe of God's amazing miracle that has happened right before our eyes.

and i think i have actually forgotten to tell you in all of the excitement of the last few weeks, but two more things to add to our miracle list...1)lydia has been in foster care since last june which is an exponentially better situation than an orphanage. and 2)we received updated measurements a couple of weeks ago and she has jumped (since she has been in foster care) from less than 1st percentile to 15 - 20th percentile in her height, weight, and head circumference!

so that's our miracle story! we are so excited and CAN'T WAIT for you all to meet her!