7 weeks from today!

i can't believe we are coming to get you in 7 weeks. it feels like and eternity and yet the idea that i will be able to hold you so soon makes my tummy crazy! i am in awe of God's miracle. i know that someday you will ask questions as to why your parents in China were not able to keep you and you will always grieve that loss, but there is not a shadow of a doubt that God created you to be in our family and to be our daughter. he has confirmed that through this miracle of a journey and i am so grateful. i am grateful because it has made my know, that i know, that i know, that i know you were meant to be our daughter. and to think i get to hug and kiss on you in just a few WEEKS is beyond words.

we are getting ready to come and get you! our packing list is already a page long, trying to think of everything you will need. i wonder what you will want to eat? will you like cheerios? what toys should we bring? will you like the bath? will you like me? so many questions and just thinking about it makes me excited!

i love you already. i know that it will take time for you to love me. but no matter what you do and how you feel, i will love you. and i can't wait until i get to whisper that in your sweet ear. and though you will not understand, maybe you will sense that now...you have a family, you have a mommy and a daddy, you have a grammy and a pops, a grandma and an aunt chrissy. you have more love than you could even imagine.

we can't wait to see you!