not sure what to say here. once again, we have been the recipients of a wonderful $500 gift from a family that is so special to us and so not full of money. i am incredibly thankful. i just am in awe of God providing for us.

and at the same time, there is doubt that creeps in and reminds me that we are a long way from $30,000. the doubt screams to me that $1000 here and $1000 there is not even close to what we need. BUT I WILL NOT LET SATAN GET IN MY HEAD!

God is providing. and he is doing it in the exact way that i felt like he was telling me was going to happen - little by little, a bit at a time. and hear me loud and clear, we will take off from norfolk international airport and be in awe of his ability to do the miraculous.

so thank you to those who are praying and watching. i am hoping your faith is being as encouraged as mine.

and for those who are counting...$3,500 out of $30,000.


John & Laura Arnold said...

Yay God!!! So happy for you all : ) Looking forward to another little Miracle joining your family!