speeding along

things are moving right along in this adoption journey. it is sort of weird how we went from 0 to 100 mph. all our preliminary paperwork has been sent off and now each day feels like christmas as i anxiously check the mail box to see if we have anything returned!

we had to get criminal checks in arizona, illinois, kentucky and virginia. hopefully eric isn't hiding anything from his past! oh wait, arizona doesn't make criminal records public - doesn't that make you feel safe? we had to send off our fingerprints to the FBI, just to make sure we aren't serial killers. and we have to list every dollar that belongs to our name, so we can see on paper just how absurd this journey is! we had to go to the doctor and get tested for hepatitis, HIV, TB, and some other stuff. and have the doctor sign that we have a normal life expectancy. never mind that he isn't exactly in charge of that kind of stuff. but we'll let that go. we have to sign a paper that says even though i am unemployed now i have the capability of getting a job based on my college degree. i am sure that a christian ministry degree would get a great job in this economy. and we had to have eric's boss sign that his chance of continued employment is excellent. so if eric does something stupid anytime soon, i'm holding gbc to that statement. we had to get passport pictures. the lady at wal-mart told me she couldn't do it because she had to go to lunch. so i went to rite-aid. much nicer and cleaner. and no one had to go to lunch. and i think passport pictures are worse than driver's license. have you ever seen a good passport picture? i didn't think so.

so we are moving right along. and God is leading the way. we have a peace beyond understanding that we are doing the right thing. not that it isn't really scary at times. just yesterday i was imagining another child in the mix and wondering what in the world that was going to look like...ayayayay. but i remember thinking that before micah and lydia both. i know it comes with the territory and i just have to keep walking and pray that God will give us the perfect child for our busy family.

we are continuing to pray for a miracle - that we would have a debt-free adoption. we are confident that this is the prayer God wants from us and so we are following his leading. i don't know how he is going to pull it off but it should be fun to watch! and we are working to do our part. cutting down on spending and trying to limit expenses. not that we have a ton of flexibility in our budget but i don't think God cares about how much - i think he just cares that we are doing our part. maybe i should play the lottery!

lydia asks every day when sarahjoy is coming home. i wish i had an answer for her.

please God, bring her home to us! her perfect little self belongs in our family. protect her until we see her. be preparing sarahjoy and us to be together, forever. and perform a miracle for us. we are waiting and anticipating.


Claire said...

So exciting! And btw, my last THREE passport photos have taken place when I've had a cold, so my nose is ALWAYS bright red! ugh! hehe.

Roxanne said...

I really enjoy reading your Blogs Ashleigh -
Keep me updated...

Lots of Love and Prayers!