from LA to VB

okay, honesty here. i am REALLY tired of trying to raise money. i wish it was not part of this adoption process. but, it is. so i am doing my best to think of creative ways to fundraise without burdening people! so far, all of our fundraising efforts have been focused on people who live locally. but for monday, october 18th, we have a fundraiser that everyone can be involved in - young and old, california or virginia!

without futher ado...(and husbands, you can stop reading and forward this to your wives)

go to etsy and for each necklace sold MONDAY AND MONDAY ONLY we will receive $5.00.

the necklaces are simple, unique and inexpensive. there are lots of different ones (super cute) maybe something you would like or maybe there is something that would be perfect for a christmas gift for that random person on your list (teachers, bus drivers, crossing guards, gas station attendants...). our goal is to sell 200 - equaling $1000 to bring our little girl home!

but...in order to have that many bought i am hoping you all will forward this opportunity on. family, friends, co-workers, lifelong enemies. whomever you can think of. it is only for MONDAY. midnight to midnight.

in addition, we have another fundraiser going on the whole month of october but since we are in fundraising mode today, let's throw that one out there too! go to hip mom jewelry and 30% of the proceeds of their ADOPTION jewelry goes to our family. at first, i only sent this to adoptive moms. but then i realized that within their adoption jewelry line, there are several beautiful pieces that everyone could enjoy. detail...in order for us to get credit you have to enter in the code SANZONE1010.

okay, so...happy shopping!!!!! if you feel comfortable, please pass this on.

as of tonight, our remaining need is $2954. we are almost there!!!!!

(and please don't put me in a category with those obnoxious TV preachers who are always asking for your money!)


robin cornett said...

Those necklaces are really cute! If we buy from the etsy link, do we need to put a note on our purchase to make sure it gets to you?