woo hoo!!!!!

a very quick update...WE HEARD FROM CHINA TODAY!!!!!

what does this mean? we have officially been approved by the chinese government. just a couple more hoops and we will be there holding sarahjoy. the time estimate given to us for travel is 3 - 3 1/2 months from today. which puts us squarely in the MIRACLE category for being home before christmas! and, well, i sort of like being in the need-a-miracle category!

please pray with us for a christmas miracle!!!!! (and a massive, unbelievable heat wave for inner mongolia!)

it's off to bed with happy hearts and more prayers than ever to hold our little girl during the christmas eve service!


Serving the King said...

Congrats Ashleigh!! We got our LSC's today too!! See you in China?! We will be in Guangzhou the whole time since our kiddos are there! Oh happy day!!

Melissa Freeman said...

We were in Hohhot, Inner Mongolia in January of last year. From what I hear if you had to choose between summer and winter you want winter. Unfortunately you have to pack as if you are skiing and sunbathing all in one suitcase! It was very cold but you can manage walking to where you need to go you just can't "hang" outside too much. Pack layers! And bring a stroller, lots of walking. Congrats and prayers! I can't wait to start the process again! ps. a little jealous!