so close

well, well, well, summer is almost here and we are ready to meet our sarahjoy!!! i just received word from our social worker that our papers should be in china in the next couple of weeks and then soon after we will be officially LOGGED IN. which means, in normal people language, that we are then eligible to be matched with a child. theoretically, there is a list coming out in july that will have available children so hopefully we will be ready to go by the time that list comes out and maybe, just maybe, we will meet our sweet SJ. or at least get to see her picture and her medical files! only God knows how long the matching process is going to take but we are praying really hard that it is quick. i want my baby home (speaking of, lydia insists that SJ is going to be a baby and i keep having dreams. people, if this child is truly a baby, you are going to have to pick me up off the floor)

God continues to provide financially for us. we have received $1000 more in the last few days and we have had several positive interactions with granting agencies. we should know something from a few of them in the next couple of months. please continue to pray with us that God would do a miracle and we would fly to china debt free.

and for some humor...i recently was explaining to lydia some details of the adoption journey (which she is VERY curious about) and told her that china would tell us when they were ready for us to come pick up SJ. mom, she says, but china doesn't talk. oh right, smarty pants, a PERSON in china will tell us.

sweet sarahjoy, your family is so close. hang on and we are coming for you. stay strong, eat your veggies, and dream of love. we can't wait to hold you in our arms.