so i guess what you are saying is that owning more than 10 pairs of jeans is a lot. i didn't think i was that abnormal, but alas i am. hmmm. not sure what to do now that i know that. and yes, they all fit and they are all different. i already got rid of my 21's (that is, jeans that were worn when i was but a mere child and my body resembled more of a child's)

is there such a thing as jean gluttony?


Claire said...

Hmm. Good question. Jeans are not my problem, but I have other areas like that.... I say if they really all do fit, you wear them all, and they are all different, keep them til you haven't worn one of them for 6 mo, and when you find THAT pair, give 'em away.

Jes said...

It is standard stay-at-home mom gear. How many pairs of black pants do working women own? =)!